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Dating and Courtship Differences and Methods of choosing a Marriage Partner

In most cases People tend to confuse the terms Dating and Courtship when trying to put across information on such.

Dating someone means you are seeing somebody specific with purpose and on regular basis with or without marriage as a direct goal.

Courtship means getting to know someone with marriage as a direct goal.

Methods of choosing a marriage partner.

Choosing a partner can happen in different ways.

1.Similarity method - People tend to choose a partner on basis of similarity in the following.

a) age b)social class c)Academic achievement d)Tribe e)Religion.

Successful relationship however doesn't realy depend on similarity because extreme similarity can bring boredom.

It is otherwise important to note that if differences are too many, it will be difficult to reach consensus.2.Elimination method - filters used to reduce number of possible partners include;

a)proximity - one chooses between people who are nearby, those available in time and place.

Those in large cities have wider contacts and travel widely hence more options than those in villages and have no means to meet people

b)social group - Those available are eliminated because they belong to very different social sector like significant age, difference of social class that is neither accessible nor acceptance

C) physical attraction - there has to be some kind of mutual attraction to start a relationship even if one comes from acceptable group ( beauty is in the eyes of beholder)

d) compensation - this is the last filter where each candidate accesses what he/she will put into eventual relationship and what one will receive in return.

e) a man and a woman feel attracted to each other either because of physical appearance or other first impression. This is popularly called love at first sight.

Which method of choosing a marriage partner is the best.

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