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Husband and wife relationship

8 Reasons Why You should not shout at your wife at night.

Shouting at your wife especially during the night might really mean something else to her.

1. You shut her down

During the night is when you should express your love to your wife. Therefore, yelling at her can make her to feel abused and decide to remain quiet for the whole night. 

2. You will say unnecessary things

Shouting to can make you to tell your wife anything that you don't intent to. You will start listing her previous mistake which will really piss her of. As a good man try to avoid this and talk to your wife calmly and this will ensure you enjoy your night together.

3. She will hate you

Doing this will really reduce her love for you since she will feel unloved and she may do this just as a way of paying back. Therefore, she will fail to take care of you for that night and you won't be happy.

4. You will make her suspicious

Shouting at her may be an indication that you are losing interest in her and you are looking for anything to annoy her. She may mistake you for cheating when even you are not. This will always make her unsecured and she may start her investigation to know the real thing.

5. She will leave you alone in the house

Remember she is also a human too. So when you talk to her mind your tone. When you really raise it then she may leave the house that night just to look for a peaceful environment. She may also do so to avoid any fight or damage that can be caused in her presence.

6. You will be angered

Yelling is also the cause of anger which can cause you to do unwanted things in the house. You will realize that you have solved nothing but added more anger to yourself. Therefore, with will not be a good night for you.

7. You won't solve the issue

If you had offended one another, then for you to romantically solve it at night then you don't need shout outs but be calm and talk to you partner. When you shout at her then she will not feel free to open up her heart. This means that you can't solve the problem.

8. She won't accept your apology.

Sometimes we shout to express the level of disappointment. But you should be aware that you are also making her unhappy and she will fail to accept you apology due to her anger. When this happens, you have to wait until next day.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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