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Why Your Relationship Is Slowly Deteriorating Here Are Some Proven Facts

Relationships are like business, without proper planning and maintenance it will eventually fail.

Signs of a dying relationship usually appears early mostly in failed relationships. Many couples upon breaking up always blame it on the unhealthy nature in which their problems were resolved.

Here are some of the reasons why your relationship may be slowly going under.

1.Feeling criticized and put down

Criticism in a relationship may make you feel like you are not enough, always trying too hard to please the other partner. This has led to many break ups and marriages as well.

2. Argue about the same thing

When you both argue on the same point or issue, in the end none of you will feel satisfied as each of you will be trying to defend their position leaving each one of you feeling awkward.

3. Lack of proper communication

Good communication is key to a healthy and successful relationship. Without this arguments or disagreements in the relationship will not be solved. This will eventually lead to relationship dying.

4. Lack of affection

When their is less intimacy in your relationship it may signify disconnection from each other. This may either be temporary or permanent and if it permanent then it may be time to call it quits.

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