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5 Signs a man likes you and he needs you

1.He makes a lot of eye contact when you speak

Eye contact is one of the most consistent signs of attraction.When a man likes you,he will face you directly in your eyes without moving his eyes.

2.He slows his walking pace to meet yours

For example,you can be walking to a lecture hall,a man who likes you will reduce his pace so that you can catch up with him.He will be glad to get to know you 

3.He always tells you jokes

Humor is one of the ways to flirt with people.Both men and women find humor an attractive trait.A man who has liked you will crack jokes more often when you are together.

4.His friends try to leave the two of you alone

You can sometimes know the man who likes you by observing how his friends behave when they meet you.They can be together and all of a sudden leaves you two together.

5.He turns his body towards you

He will turn his body towards you especially when he notices that you are approaching from a distance.

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