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Signs That a Woman Likes You on Social Media

1. She keeps in touch on all social media platforms.

If you recently started talking to a woman online and she wants to stay connected with you, it is one of the prominent signs that she is interested in you. She might want to go further and request for a more convenient platform, which shows she is willing to take the relationship to another level. Her desire to stay connected to you is one of the positive signs that she likes you.

2. She laughs at all your jokes.

One of the ways to tell if a woman likes you is to pay attention to how she responds to your jokes. Your remarks does not have to be intentional or funny but if they amuse her, then she has a particular interest in you.

3. She likes your posts.

You can tell if a woman likes you by her relationship with the like button. If she really likes what you upload, it shows her interest in you. She would silently give you moral support and act like your biggest fan if she needs to. You can sense the extra effort she is putting, even by only liking your posts and all these signs go a long way to reveal that she fancies you.

4. She mirrors your actions

When you spend an ample amount of time with someone, you begin to reflect their actions and behaviors. Your body language and words sync with the other person. She might start using the slangs you use, and start chatting in the same way.

5. She likes your old post.

One common thing that women do when they like someone is to go through their social media feeds. It is one of the signs that she is trying to keep tabs on you secretly. Therefore, if you see a notification that a woman liked one of your old posts, she may have been taking a long tour down your page.

6. Her replies are encouraging.

You can gauge how well a conversation is going by the replier’s responses. If the length of their answers are short, it might suggest that they are not as excited as you are but if they are relatively the same, it is a good sign of interest.

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