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What a Woman's Lip Say About Her

1. Heart shaped.

Women who have heart shaped lips tend to be strong willed and independent. Women who have such lips are also more likely to be glamorous, witty and passionate. Heart shaped lips reveal a creative, artistic and energetic personality.

2. Round lips.

Round lips indicate a charismatic and adventurous streak. Women with such lips are usually confident and risk takers. They can sometimes be strong headed to a point of being foolhardy and need to look before they leap, especially when it comes to career choices.

3. Thin lips.

These lips usually indicate a non social personality and someone who likes to stay in control. They are known to have a high drive to succeed and can be ruthless to get there. They have a soft side that they rarely reveal and can tend to be closed off to letting people in.

4. Goldilocks lips.

Women with these lips are usually quite undemanding and level headed. They tend to be logical and rational, considerate of other people’s feelings and make good life partners.

5. Wide lips.

Women with wide lips are usually, friendly, extroverted and non conformist. They make good leaders and are driven by perfection. Such women also have an extroverted nature and are good at making friends. They also have leadership potential and are driven to be perfect.

6. Plump centre.

Such women are natural performers and enjoy being the center of attention. They can also be very dramatic and their relationships. They love to be pampered by, especially their partners.

7. Full lips.

This lip shape indicates that you are an empathetic individual with strong parenting instincts. Women with this lip shape harbor an innate desire to safeguard and protect the ones they care about. They like to maintain a close circle of friends and value relationships above all else.

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