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Why Women Blush When Men Look at Them

Women blush for a number of reasons that you cannot understand. If you see a woman blushing whenever you look at her, it might be because of any of these reasons.

1. She likes you.

If a woman likes you, she is more likely to blush when you look at her. This is because she is trying to hide her feelings for you by doing that. Sometimes she might blush so that you notice that she likes you. So be careful and notice that according to the situation.

2. She is shy.

A shy women is more likely to blush when a man looks at her. This is because she is afraid of her eyes meeting with a man's eyes. She might also be attracted to you and shy at the same time. Be very observant and consider your relationship with her.

3. You are funny.

When a woman finds you funny, she is more likely to blush as she laughs. Sometimes women do not want men to see them when they are laughing and so they blush a lot.

4. She is just being nice.

A woman might blush when you look at her because she is just nice. She is just playing cool because it is her nature to do that.

5. She misses you.

When you look at your woman after spending some time apart, she is likely to blush. This is because she misses you and your sweet smile. It also means that she is so happy to see you by her side again.

6. She has secret feelings for you.

Sometimes a woman might have feelings for you which she keeps a secret. When you talk to her she cannot help it but let them take the better part of her. She ends up blushing whenever you tell her something that she wants to hear.

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