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My Heart Is Not Into Its Right Place

Paul broke my heart. He left me for Mercy. They have been going out together. I must admit am jealous. I know it was Mercy who lured Paul into this. My only Paul , the only thing I owned. But Paul is a rat. How could he? This is killing my esteem.

I have to figure out a way to revenge. You can judge me if you want but trust me I will revenge. I know Mercy is pretty, big eyes, sharp nose, nice boobs, beautiful figure. But my mom told me. am the most beautiful girl. I have to do something.

My friend Mary introduced me to tinder a month ago. Earlier on, I refused to join the dating site but today, I'm going to try it out. I might be lucky!

That night I did not sleep. I spent the night figuring out a way to revenge. In the morning , I was shocked to find over eight hundred messages on my tinder. I burst out loud with laughter. This was way too much. Unfortunately , or rather fortunately I had to try read at least all of them to find a Mr right.

Most of them were campus students , never serious, I must say. I came across a mzungu. I vetted him and yes he was the one. He was on a work related visit. He was the perfect deal. For so I know , no friend of mine had ever dated a mzungu. I felt lucky. Most importantly, he had money. He was rich. Everyone wants a rich boyfriend. Don't you?

It is after one month of texting on WhatsApp that we decided to meet. We met at a restaurant in Mombasa. I must say the age difference was worrying but who cared? I didn't.

One day after six months of dating my mzungu, I begun feeling sick. My heart was beating fast. My lower abdomen was boiling with pain. After several tests in the hospital, the doctor told me I had contracted herpes. "Genital herpes?" I asked. He said yes.

I ran short of words. I sat down, took a deep breath then decided to call Mary - my friend. Before I could reach my phone, there was an incoming call. It was Mary. I picked it up.

"Hey am so sorry."

"Why? Why are you sorry?"

"Paul has taken his life"

Content created and supplied by: @caroline (via Opera News )

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