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Husband and wife relationship

3 Things You Should Do For Your Wife Every Night If You Want Her To Love You More

As a man there are things you have to do for your wife every night before going to bed, and that will make her love and respect you more.

1. Don't sleep deep at night. As a married man you should not sleep deep at night, you should always be the last person to sleep and make sure you take your wife to bed. Every Woman loves to be pampered and treated like a baby, carry your woman to bed and watch her sleep just like you do to a baby.

2. Have a romantic conversation with your wife before going to bed or before falling asleep. Tell her how she has been a blessing to your life, it is necessary to do this at night because then, both of you should have retired from the day's activities and now you have time to reflect on issues.

3. You should always try to wake up at night to check up on your wife. In case it's cold you should cover her body with blanket and make her feel special, remember you are her protector.

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