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How Cell Phones Could Be Ruining Your Relationship

The use of cell phones has increased rapidly, and it is noticeable that some good relationships are not working out well. It is possible to find a person so engaged with the phone that they don’t have time to talk to the person they are with at a particular time.

Giving attention to the mobile phone while ignoring someone you are with could be a significant turn-off. A person may keep wondering why they are in that place. The act of being too engaged to the phone is referred to as “phubbing.”

Compulsive use phones can damage relationships and other real-life activities, including the work environment, and threaten addiction.

Usually, when one uses a phone while you are supposed to meet or talk about important matters, you will feel less important, and you might even get angered. If their behaviors are not changed, you might start developing some negative emotions towards a person; this could lead to losing interest in the relationship.

Imagine a scenario where an individual you are connected to is mostly interested in the virtual world via their phone. They might not be aware that they’re distracting themselves from the people near them in being too engaged with the virtual connection. The habit makes the people around you feel what you portray with the non-verbal behavior, and they might even feel the need to exclude you in their deals.

We all know that phones got beneficial purposes that help us to manage the our-to-do list. However, you should limit the time you spend on your phone while with your partner when it comes to relationships. You might not agree to this, but every minute you spend attached to your phones diverts your attention from them, especially when you have a special moment such as a romantic meal or even those funny conversations.

At other times, a partner may be too glued to the phone such that the other person doesn’t get the genuine connection since there is no full attention, eye contact, or even being listened to well. You can be in the same room and still feel the distance.

You can also ruin your relationship when you become addict to the internet, especially social media. When you start admiring other people’s relationships, you might feel like you do not have enough from your partner. You start having unrealistic expectations, which leads to frustrations. It would help if you instead focus on finding new ways to improve your own.

For instance: In our societies, we have seen several marriages breaking, the reason being cases of infidelity. We can’t place the blame totally on men because women, too, are being involved. Most of these cases arise because of the use of cell phones. One could be using the phone for other purposes, but the world is too tempting, you create friends of different gender, and you slowly start creating a bond with them. When you realize you are crossing the boundaries, you are too attached to them, forgetting you have a partner. On the other hand, your partner receives actions of cold treatments or, even worse, loneliness.

Before you do something that hurts your partner, ask yourself, are they worth this kind of treatment? Am I the only option that they have? What if this is the kind of treatment they’re showing me? How would I survive?

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