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You Ethier Work Or Love Matiangi Warns

Cabinet secretary of security know as Matiangi is concerned about how the police are doing their work, some of the work is not being done to perfection the way it should, because of the romantic love triangle in the police.

There are times when reasons such as sexual harassment would be reported from the police unit that made the police to perform the work correctly. This made Matiangi to warn some of the police officers not to engage in romantic relationships with their workmates, especially their juniors. “No workplace for romance for security officers, if you fall in love, one of you leaves the service.” Said matiangi

Matiangi said that they would come with rules like the one in the army which does not allow the soldiers working in the army to engage in romantic relationships with each other. The rule will also help in reducing the cases of sexual harassment and marriage of security offices between the senior and the junior officers.

Finally, If the security officers wish to engage in a romantic relationship then one of them has to go out of the security services as this will help the other partner to focus on reducing the crime rate and solving crime cases without getting destruction while at work.

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