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These Men Are Beaten By Old Men To "Earn a Wife, " Meet The Culture Of The Fulani

African continent has various ethnic nationalities with different qualities like language, greetings, food and traditional marriages. People from this continent share different cultural traits which distinguish the African culture from other world nations. The expressions of the culture is more abundant within Africa, with diverse of cultural activities being found not only across different african nations but also within the single countries. The ruling regimes of most of the African nations encourages national dance and music groups, art galleries and museums. Surprisingly, some of these cultures are known while others unknown. some of the practices astonishes many when they are practiced during cultural events.

"Sharo" is one of the traditional culture which is observed among these fulani group of Nigeria. For a man to secure a wife in this known tribe, they must complete where the brides are exposed to thorough beatings using the wooden sticks and canes mainly to test their marriage strength. Men does not get their free liberty of approaching a bride and seducing them as other communities do. However the cultural leads to flogging of men. During this exercise period, the crowd assemble to witness the winner as the eldest community men are called to whip the bride. At the same time, the bridegroom chooses the man who endures the beatings. If the man does not endure the pain the master of ceremony calls off the wedding and cancels the whole marriage process. According to research, a large number of young people of this culture perished while others suffered injuries for flogging, however the practice has been in recent years slammed by government and human rights authorities as it is dangerous to the members of the society who practice it. I would like to hear your comments, do you support this tradition practice as a measure of a good husband? Share your views and follow my page for more updates.

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