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Signs That the Person you are Dating Wants to Make it to Marriage

The first rule that you have to know is that marriage is not rushed. Whenever you get into a relationship, expect anything. Anything can happen. This may be because of the different intentions of your partner. Some people get into a relationship for pleasure, others go there to gamble while others want to make it to the alter. The intentions of your partner will come out clearly in the course of your relationship. These are some signs that may make it clear that your partner wants your relationship to head nowhere far from marriage.

1. Talk About Future Dreams- Future dreams like wedding plans are signs of eagerness to get married. I know it is sometimes normal to daydream, but talking about what you will be wearing, the venue and the kind of wedding they want to have most of the times is more than just a daydream.

2. Introduces you to Their Family Early in the Relationship- Most people do not like this, maybe because it seems uncomfortable. But is it uncomfortable? If your partner gets upset when you avoid such introductions, it may show the eagerness he or she has. It means your partner wants you to get married as soon as possible. If you are not ready for marriage, please sit down and discuss it with him or her.

3. Talks About Their Parents' Long and Happy Marriage- Does your partner like talking about his or her parents' happy marriage or even the age they got married? Do they talk about the happy marital life of any married partners they know about? If yes, then your partner is just eager to get married. If you are also ready then you may hold a small discussion and then proceed.

4. Encourages Unprotected Sex**- It is worth noting that it is not safe to have unprotected sex** until and unless you are married. However, partners who are eager to get married will have no problem skipping birth control. Pregnancy may be used as a doorway to marriage.

Finally, it is important to marry at the time you feel fit. Never be in a hurry to get marry and you should also never be rushed. Marriage is a wide topic and I prefer that you should first discuss it before attempting it. Find out the interest of each of you and discuss your goals in a marriage, including how you expect your kids to be raised because shortly after marriage, expect to be parents. For more interesting topics, please follow me. Give your thought and don't fail to hit the 👍 button.

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