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3 Of The Common Lies Ladies Tell Men

Women are known to lie about a lot of things to men. In today's article, we are going to look at the most common lies ladies tell men.

1. He is just a friend. If you ever hear a lady saying this words, the probability of them being correct is very small. You will sense from her behavior around the guy that their relationship is more than just being friends. Ladies use these words to keep off any doubt you may have about them.

2. I will never leave you. Most ladies say this but end up dumping you. You should never be so certain about the future of a relationship. As long as you two are still not married, your relationship can end at any time. These words are just to give you comfort but will never prevent her from leaving you.

3. I love you. Most ladies don't mean it when they say these words. Let her actions speak but not the words. Some ladies tell you this just to be nice to you when they actually love someone else. Be very careful when a lady tells you this more so when you have just met.

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