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Tricks Women Use to Cheat on Their Husbands and How to Catch Them

Cheating has become a common norm in Kenya especially among married couples. Most people have the notion that only men are find of cheating. Unfortunately, women cheat more than men and they are keen not to leave any traces behind. Even though not most of them cheat, quite a number have been identified to involve themselves in adultery. These are the tricks most women use to cheat on their husbands:

1. They change their mode of communication

A cheating woman will not be free to use all social media platforms. They are afraid of being caught by thier husbands. If they were find of using Facebook, WhatsApp, calls and text messages, they will gradually change to one form of communication. Most cheating women prefer using text messages and whatsapp method of communication after which they will delete all the messages. For you to get her unaware, identify the method she is using often.

2. She will never keep a photo of a man

A cheating woman won't risk being caught by her husband. Any attempt will put her marriage or relationship in jeopardy. A cheating women will be fast in deleting all the photos of the person they are dating outside marriage. You can never get them this way unless you go through her recycle bin to identify some unusual photos she has deleted.

3. They don't have secretive conversations with her best friends

Women are clever creatures and they know what might happen if they reveal a cheating experience to one of their friends. Probably things may get out of hand and expose her dirty secrets to the public. In order to catch them, you should look for any weird behaviors when they have friends around.

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