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Why This Blue Pill Is Killing Men In The Name Of Pleasing Ladies

For a long time, pressure have been put on men to perform In relationships which have forced most of them to go for any method that would boost their performance or risk their relationship breaking.

Blue pills or ED drugs or scientifically known as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors which when taken, relax the muscles and increase blood flow in the men's "cassava" which then helps them perform better.

For a long time there was no known side effects of using this drugs but after further research by JAMA Internal Medicine have shown catastrophic effects of taking these drugs.Some of these negative side effects include causing low blood pressure in it's users. Low blood pressure leads to one having blurred vision, dizziness, fainting and lightheadedness when you get up from a lying positive abruptly. It also bring about unusual tiredness or weakness.

This drugs becomes even more deadly when taken with other medications for example; Blood pressure-lowering drugs. These Blue Pills cause serious heart problems like; irregular heartbeat, stroke, Cardiac arrest and even heart failure.

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