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How To Ask Your Co-worker Out On A Date

Dating a colleague can be a human resource nightmare in some working cultures. Although it may be frowned upon in some workspaces, other professions deem it acceptable. We can have feelings for someone we work with because we spend a considerable amount of time together.

Before you ask your colleague out on a date, here are some things to consider.

1. Ascertain your feelings for them

Having a crush on a co-worker happens once in a while but developing actual feelings for them is a whole different thing. Ask yourself some critical questions to figure out if you might be in love with your colleague before approaching them.

2. Find out if your colleague is single

You wouldn’t want to get caught up in a situation where you are in love with somebody’s wife or girlfriend, so make sure you’ve done proper background research on your co-worker. Ask around the office or from her friends whether she is single before making a move on her.

3. Be respectful

A good work environment requires one hundred percent regard for each individual. Every person brings value to the company’s business through their intellectual input. Make sure you not only admire her as a woman but also respect her as a professional. Always treat her with the same respect you accord the men working with you at your job so that she doesn’t feel undermined.

4. Get your best look on

Good grooming will get you noticed. Dress up nicely and make sure you smell nice. Women love a man who takes care of himself so, never forget to look your best at every opportunity or occasion.

5. Make sure you ask them in-person

There’s strength and purpose when you ask your co-worker out on a date face to face because it’s a display of your sincerity and thoughtfulness. Avoid texting or calling because it may appear rude, and it can put her off thus, ruining your chances.

6. Find a time when they are free 

Work is a place of business, and most of the time, your colleague may be working on a task. Look for a time when she is free from the pressure of work. It can be during her lunch break or after work but make sure she is relaxed.

7. Share how you feel

Avoid beating around the bush, be precise and to the point. Avoid keeping her guessing about what you want to say. Come up with a few lines of what you want to tell her before you get nervous and bailout.

8. Remain professional 

Most men are too familiar with rejection, so graciously accept her decision if she doesn’t want to have a romantic relationship with you. Although it may hurt, do not let that put you down. Remain courteous and professional in your dealings with her. 

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