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Husband and wife relationship

'Tunalipia Ndio Tupewe' Kiambu, Nyeri Husbands Say Revealing What They Go Through In The Bedroom

For most people, marriage is something that's meant for companionship along with other pleasures that come with the benefits of marriage.


For this reason, a number of rights that highlights the does and don't in a Marriage have been put In place by the constitution in order to ensure that both husband and wife along with their children have an equal share or opportunity in marriages.

For instance, the constitution states that one has to enjoy the conjugal rights as long as he or she is married and is doing so with the consent of the other. However, when this fails to happen, the constitution allows one to seek divorce from the other.

However, a number of men from Kiambu have cried out to the government claiming that their wives are allegedly charging them before letting them have their bedroom pleasure.

John Ndung'u not his real name has revealed that they are currently being forced to seduce or even buy a number of things for their wives or else they're not given the honey pot.

The incident has since sparked a lot of mixed reactions from a number of kenyans who seemed to have different opinions and suggestions on the matter.

While reacting to this incident, a group of kenyans have agreed with these women saying that this was the right thing to do because most of these women would often pay other women out there in order to do this. Adding onto this remarks, women claimed that it also makes these men work harder.

However, a section of kenyans have disagreed with this dating saying that as long as the two are legal wife and husband, they should not be subjected to this kind of things adding that it's like they are turning this into a business opportunity.

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