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Signs that you might be a side-chick

It is not uncommon for a man to be running different relationships at the same time, some men will lie about being single yet they are in another relationship or worse even married. These are some of the things that will let you know if you are the side chic;

1. If he doesn't have time for you

If you are the main chick, a man will always try hard to create time for you even when he is held up, he will postpone even his most important duties just to attend to you. But if you are the side-chick, he will have very little or no time for you, he will rank very unnecessary things over you and give you very party reasons for not picking up your calls or replying to your texts.

2. He doesn't value your time.

You might squeeze your schedule to fix some time to attend to him but he will take it like it is nothing, he won't say even a simple compliment after eating the meal you prepared for him.

3. He doesn't fear losing you.

Most men fear losing whatever they value most and anytime you show signs of losing interest In the relationship, he will react by persuading you through actions or words to stay. If you are in a relationship where the man does not fear losing you, then you might be in the wrong relationship and you need to saul search.

4. You are the one struggling to make the relationship work.

Making a relationship work should be the duty of both parties in the relationship. If a man is not interested in making a relationship working then he might have another substitute relationship elsewhere and that is the reason why he doesn't fear losing you. If you are in this situation, you must think keenly about your relationship before deciding on the next step.

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