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Why Women Do Not Like to Marry Momma's Boys

Women are too afraid to marry momma's boys or perhaps say women do not like to have any contact with momma's boys.

A momma's boy is a man who is so close to his mother that even though he is an adult he still wants the relationship with his mother to be like it was years ago when he was young, which is not possible.

Before they became adults all men were children, they were helpless, they lived in houses built by the power of the parents, ate the food sought by their parents sweat. Education, health, clothes, everything they got at their parents' expense.

However, most of the time in our development the parent we stay close to the whole period is the mother. So automatically the closeness of the child with the mother becomes greater than usual, she becomes a great friend to the child. 

What women don't like about momma's boys is that he can't do anything without his mother's involvement. A momma's boy may have arranged with his wife to start a business, they agree on everything, but before the implementation begins he comes up with a different idea, saying we should first involve my mother.

It is not bad to ask for advice from your mothers, but things do not work that way, if your mother gives you good advice then what is the need to deliver it to your wife with your mother's name? You can take it and make it your own, if it is meaningful advice your partner will consider it.

But if you always come up with advice from your mother, the partner may wonder so where is my place if everything we plan is determined by the mother's advice? You will be creating unnecessary conflicts between your mother and your wife.

You can't be looking for ways to get your mother involved in everything you talk about. Even if you are cooking a very good meal you must liken it with your mother's cooking it does not work that way.

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