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Things you need to know about relationships

A relationship is a very special interaction between two people who are attracted towards each other.This can be between a man and a woman or between two men or two women.Mostly,the feeling is know to be mutual between the two but sometimes it can be more than two people there by including others.There are situations where three people are involved in a relationship and they tend to share a mutual connection.This is known as a threesome.Though it is not that common,some people other there engage in such kind of relationships.

There is another type of relationship know as homosexual.This is a relationship between two people of the same sex or gender.Gayism is most common between men while lesbianism is between women.Sometimes two people of the same gender may like each other and end up in a relationship.Though it is not very common in many countries,it is also a type of a relationship.Many countries approve of homosexual relationships while some do not.Some do not approve of this due to their believes.

There is another type of relationship that my exist between two people.The relationship between a parent and a blood related child my sometimes occur.This type of relationship is very rare and is often refferal to as incest.This is most forbidden by christians that a parent and child should not be involved in a sexually related relationship.Sometimes when one is dating or involved sexually with someone of higher age that them,it is also called incest.It does not matter if it is between blood related parent and child.

When two people are involved in any sexual interaction before getting married,this is mostly termed as fornication.This can occur when a man and a woman are involved in sex before they are declared as husband and while.Many Christians forbid this type of relationship.This is because it is termed as unholy.This is most common in teens and youths who are not yet married.Is this occurs between a married and unmarried persons,this is termed as adultery.Thank you for taking your time to read.Follow me for more articles everyday.

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