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3 Things You Cannot Do When Meeting The Queen

1. Touching The Queen.

When it comes to royalty, you are better off keeping your hands to yourself. While The Queen might reach out a hand for you to shake, it is considered bad manners for guests to initiate any sort of physical contact with the reigning monarch.

2. Sitting down, eating or leaving before The Queen.

It is really considered rude to sit down while The Queen is still on her feet. A similar rule applies to eating. Guests are expected to wait patiently for The Queen to begin her meal before digging in. It is also very improper to get up and leave without permission or to arrive late.

3. Addressing royalty by name.

Queen Elizabeth should always be addressed as Her Majesty or Ma'am while other members of The Royal Family should be addressed as Your Royal Highness and either Sir or Ma'am depending on The Royal's gender. As a rule, guests should always use the longer, more formal title for introductions, while Sir and Ma'am are acceptable once the conversation is underway.

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Elizabeth Ma'am


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