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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Asked Me To Resign And Stay Home, To Take Care Of The Children, What Should I Do?

Why do some husbands want their wives to stay home and take care of the house instead of working?

My husband yesterday asked me to resign from my job to take care of the house and the children.

He is both conservative and traditional, though he is hardworking. He does very well in farming, and he provides for us well. We lack nothing. He prefers providing everything, even when I am working and earning good money. 

He says that, since he can provide all what we need, I should resign so that I can raise children and keep the house nicely.

At first, this situation horrified me, I could not imagine just sitting and waiting to be provided with everything. But at the same time I want to avoid breaking my marriage, my husband is a good man. I have full confidence in him. He has never failed us.

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What is your advice please, I am in a dilemma.

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