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How To Attract Attention Of More Girls While In A College

There are ways to attract attention of your partner while in a college.There are ways to attract attention of more boys while in a college and there are ways to attract attention of more girls while in a college.Here are ways to attract attention of more girls while in a college.

1.Dress smart to impress them.Dress smart before approaching a girl in the college.When she sees you, she will get attracted to you hence you have attracted her attention.

2.Be faithful.Do not have relationship with other many girls.Love your girl alone and do not have any relationship with other girls.Get satisfied to her only.

3.Maintain your eye contact when talking to them.Look directly to her while you are talking.Do not look aside while you are talking.She will think you are shy.

4.Arrange your room well to look beautiful and it will attract them hence you will attract their attention.

5.Do not be selfish.Assist her in any part she request.Do not be mean.If she asks you money to use in useful things, give her and do not deny anything she requests for good.

6.Be busy at your work.Do not be lazy at your work.Always make yourself busy and avoid lazy people around the college who can make you lazy.

7.Respect her.Listen to what she is saying and take action immediately.Do not interrupt her while she is talking.Not even comment anything before she finished talking.

8.Perform well in your studies.Be the best at your studies.Perform well at higher grades.

9.Creat jokes and funny to make them smile and laugh.Creat jokes and funny to make her laugh and smile abit.You will attract attention of many girls inside that college.

10.Apply aerosols to your body to smell good and you will attract their attention.Apply aerosols to your body to have a nice smell which attracts them to you.

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