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Husband and wife relationship

Why Men Look For Side Chicks

Marriage is one of the stages in human life that every human being must go through. Marriage is build by two people i.e a man and a woman who comes together by marrying each other.

For a marriage to stand stronger, the two partners are expected to be loyal to each other by not going out of the wedlock. However, in some cases, we witness a scenario where either the husband or the wive breaks this law by going outside the wedlock. Now, here are some of the things that always makes a man to go outside the marriage by looking for a "side chick" that every woman should know;

(1) Lack of respect from the wife, It is always believed that all men in the world always needs to be respected by his wife. When a wife fails to respect him, a man can decide to look for another woman who will respect him.

(2) A wife being too much spendrifth; in a case where a woman becomes too much spendrifth beyond the man's "pocket", that man will automatically look for a side chick who may not be too much spendrifth as compared to his wife.

(3) A Woman lacking the good cooking skills;One of the things that makes a man to be happy is getting delicious meal from his wife. In a case where a man feels that he doesn't get this delicious food due to lack of good skills by his wife, then this man may resolve to look for a side chick who may be having these skills.

Every woman should get to know all these reasons that may make his husband to look for a side chick and try all her best to get it's resolutions so as to make him stay within the wedlock. Was this article helpful to you? Drop your view.

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