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Wedding planning scene

A Reknown City Lawyer Is Finally Off The Market See The Celebrities Who Attended Their Sassy Wedding

Whoever get a wife get a good thing. This is a thing that marks a very important transition in life.

For the two to become one, the Bible Say that one has to leave their parents to go make a home.

This is what is considered as Marriage and a couple may decide on how to do their wedding.

This can either be a traditional wedding or taking the love of your life down the isle.

Some look for a private venues where relatives and close friend come to witness.

For the Celebrated city lawyer Sailas Jakakimba and his lover opted for.

The city lawyer today tied a knot with his lover Florence at a beautiful ceremony attended by top celebrities and his close family members.

While Jakakimba's bride arrived at the venue in a chopper, the serenity of the environment was welcoming, and the glamorous event may just be one of the reasons why ladies love brothers from the lakeside.

Here are some of the lovely photos from the event as Jakakimba and Florence walked down the aisle.

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Florence Jakakimba Sailas Jakakimba


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