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Opinion: Ladies, If A Man has These 9 Qualities Never Let him go

Beauty in all forms is in the eye of the beholder, and human diversity adds to the intrigue of the search for "the one" (and difficult).

However, scientists have spent decades trying to figure out why humans fall in love, so there are some characteristics you should look for in a potential suitor that indicate you've found a keeper.

So, if you're debating whether or not to marry your current spouse, take a step back and consider whether he checks all of the boxes listed below.

If he doesn't, that doesn't rule out the possibility that he's the one for you. However, if he does, you've got a good egg on your hands.

Here are nine attributes that every woman should have.

1. He is intelligent.

While some of us are born with more intelligence than others, a new study from Finland's Hanken School of Economics reveals that the smarter a man is, the less likely he is to cheat. More intellectual men, according to the study, are more likely to marry and stay married.

If you're worried that your boyfriend is too smart for you, remember that intelligence isn't everything and that you might have a guy on your hands who is more likely to be faithful.

2. He Values You

While love is often the most important thing that women seek, it appears that many of them overlook the importance of respect. On every level, a good man appreciates you. Your personality, your ideals, your religious views, your emotional and physical needs, your overall attitude on life, your shortcomings, and your past are all important factors to consider.

3. He Safeguards You

He is there for you anyhow, not that a woman can't guard and defend herself. He will not allow anyone to harm you. And if they do, he'll give them a piece of his mind, or perhaps even a taste of his fist, if necessary. He'll also catch the spider in the home before you have a nervous breakdown, on a lighter note. He is aware of every aspect of your personality. He's witnessed your development as a person, is familiar with all of your characteristics, and understands you like no one else.

4. He is someone who can help.

A nice man would always support you and what you want out of life, whether you want to go back to school to acquire your Master's degree or start a singing career. He'll never discourage you or make you feel like you can't accomplish your goals. He'll be there for you every step of the way, celebrating your victories and console you when you lose.

5. He makes an effort to earn your trust.

In your relationship, a decent man wants you to feel at ease and confident. Being able to trust someone is the basic foundation of this, and he understands that. There is no foundation for love or respect without trust. He realizes that trust must first be earned, and then it must be maintained.

6. He makes you feel beautiful all of the time

He realizes that making you feel beautiful entails more than just saying the right words to you. It means he looks at you, touches you, and treats you in a way that makes you feel attractive. When you put effort into your appearance, he notices the little things and tells you how attractive you are, even if you don't think you are.

A high-valued man understands that when you love someone for who they genuinely are, everything about them is lovely, whether you're on the sofa in your sweatpants or heading to a gala in your evening gown.

7. He Isn't Entirely Selfish

Every healthy and committed relationship has its foundation shattered. The relationship will fail if one of the parties is unwilling to meet the other halfway. If a man can put your wants ahead of his on occasion, that's a good sign that he's a keeper. This individual is not narcissistic, and everything does not have to revolve around him. He recognizes that a relationship is not a one-way track, but rather a partnership that necessitates ongoing compromise. For the sake of you and the relationship, he is willing to make some sacrifices.

8. He's Always Trying to Get Better

A quality man who prides himself on ongoing self-improvement will always be intellectually challenging you and holding your interest whether it's learning new things, developing a new skill set, reading a new book, or watching a documentary. He's doing these things for himself, but you'll see a beneficial impact on your relationship as a result.

9.He tells it as it is.

always the best policy when it comes to laying the groundwork for a happy, healthy relationship. The ability to be open and honest with your spouse, and the ability to do so, comes from knowing you will never be judged in a relationship. Some people find it difficult to convey their feelings, worries, or even deepest wishes, but having the appropriate person in our lives can often help us open those doors.

While a high-valued man understands that some things should be kept private. He will not hide things from you or bottle up his emotions knowing that this would lead to tension and frustration.

He will also encourage you to be open and honest with him about your feelings.

If you share something with him, you never have to worry about him flying off the handle or overreacting.

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