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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

No free love in the air.

Love should be defined as a pure investment in terms of finances and emotions. For a man to be considered lovable and responsible in this current generation, then his wallet must be a heavy one or a loaded bank account. Most ladies love to be treated and taken good care of and this can only be found in a financial stability environment.

Couples are dreaming of owning big and sophisticated houses, go to vacations, raise healthy children and so on. All these dreams become a reality when there is money. In fact, a very good number of constant incomes.

Money is almost everything in a relationship. Its almost all decisions made by lovebirds depend on their finances. Men being considered as the providers in almost all relationships must work smart and earn more to sustain the love. If not so, young ladies will find it easier to love older men “wababa” who they think have loaded bank accounts so as to be financially protected. Financial stability of a man is one of the top traits considered by ladies before falling in love with that particular man. Men therefore ought to load their wallets, no free love in the air.

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