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Prostitutes Reveal They Slept with 3 Men at Once But Still Kept Boyfriends to Satisfy Them at Home

Women in the coastal region of the country have confirmed that despite engaging in the act with random men for money, they also keep their boyfriends who satisfy their needs at home.

A young girl named Fatuma (not her real name) was forced to sell her body to men for money as early as she was 13 years after being rejected by her relatives, she was also poor and uneducated. When she was around 15 years old, she was already popular with some of the men Sabasaba, Mamkulifagia, Maendeleo, and Bombululu streets in Mombasa county.

She was known for her norm of approaching reach men and asked them if they were interested to be satisfied by her. However, other men wishing to be satisfied could fight for her since she was young and her blood was termed as fresh and hot. Grace who is currently 34 years old, relocated to Ukunda after thriving in the business for those years. She however regrets joining the dirty business but she can't stop since she was used to it at a tender age.

She passes through a lot of risks and sometimes it becomes painful but that doesn't give her a reason to quit the job. At some point, Grace accidentally got pregnant and despite the harsh situation, she was forced to engage in the act with random men to provide for her unborn child.

Sarah (not her real name) who is currently 25 years old joined the business at almost the same age as Grace, she was forced into the business in Mtwapa after lacking somebody to pay her fees and provide her essential needs after her parents passed away while she was 8. Sarah who was born in western Kenya was forced to travel to the coast and sell her body to tourists who offered her cash.

Grace remembers how three boys forcefully engaged in the act with her in Likoni when she was 12 and was forced to go to the hospital. That is when she got introduced to the business by some unknown friends and it became her norm. She even confesses seeing married women lining up for the business despite having husbands at home.

On the other hand, Sara befriended a woman who later sold her to men, in her first experience, she was locked inside a room and there were three men inside, they engaged in the act with her in turns and that made her get used to the dirty business. She became an expert and could engage in the act with over 10 men in a single day accumulating over Ksh10,000.

However, she was forced to relocate to Ukunda after the business went down in Mtwapa. The girls confessed that they use drugs before engaging in the act with more than one man, this gives them confidence while satisfying the many men. Despite having several men to engage in the act with for money, the girls confessed that they have boyfriends back at home who also satisfy their needs, they trust them and engage in the act with them without any protection.

However, they are sometimes forced not to use protection while with their customers, this makes them very vulnerable and at risk of contracting diseases.

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