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"I Will Never Forgive my Parents, They Left Me Due to my Disability And Made Me Suffer" Woman Swears

Shantel is a single mother of three kids and she has been taking care of them all alone since no man has ever agreed to marry her due to her disability.

Shantel was born with the disability and her parents had been advised by neighbours to kill her due to disability but they could not, therefore they decided to abandon her when she was young.

Life was not easy on her because she never got her parents love and care. She did not manage to attend school since she had no one to pay for her school fees.

She had to start working while she was still young and this is how her life has been growing without a family.

Since no man approached her, she decided to approach different men who got her pregnant and now she is a single mother of three and happy because she has a family.

Shantel blames her parents for abandoning her when she needed them the most. She says that she cannot even remember their faces if they meet. She claims that she will never forgive them because they destroyed her life.

Shantel is happy to be a mother of three kids but she is also unhappy at the same time because she is unable to provide for their needs and that's why she is pleading with well wishers to help her.

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