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10 Breathtaking Photos That Proves Love Does Exist

Imagine how this world could be without love. We express love differently to different people who are close to us. For example, the love you express to your lover is not the same you express to a parent or a friend. Things are much better when you look on the good side of life. I have collected 10 photos that express love without words.

Every year this man buys toys and dresses up just like Santa Claus and presents them to the children in hospital

A grandmother 93 and her sister going to the beach on a weekend

A child found this picture of his parents’ first meeting when they collided when playing volleyball

Bill Murray is so generous that he once bought all the tickets for a music concert and handed them out to everyone standing in the line

A guy from Denmark decided to help lonely people find friends because statistics shows that 210,000 Danes often feel lonely. He threw a party for strangers where more than 100 people showed up.

This Dog lives not very far from a school, everyday he comes and waits for children to pet him up

The father in the background is watching his son who just became a father too.

A North Korean waves at his South Korean brother after a temporary inter-Korean family reunion

This guy has vision in only one eye so he bought a dog which has only one eye and no one wanted it

The woman saved 40 kids from a burning bus.

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