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Before Social Media, There was Sisal Media Where all Village Gossips Were Served Generously

Back in the days people use Sisal to communicate especially when they wanted to pass a gossip. They would go to an extent of writing on the Sisal and enjoyed passing information concerning relationships for example; so and so is a friend to so and so.

The village gossipers used sisal to spread their information and even students took that opportunity to gossip about their teachers, you'll find sisal written teacher 'Otieno' is a friend to 'Mary ' a standard six student.

Life back then was interesting because anytime you talk a walk around the village you'll get information on the Sisals and it became a norm to the villagers. Sisal became the first social media before new social medias which uses technologies. Nowadays we use social medias like Facebook,twitter,WhatsApp,Instagram and many more. Sisal media was more fun and legit than social media.

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Sisal media used to be interesting before our lives changed to social media. If you missed it , asked those who participated in it.

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The fun that sisal media brought was unmeasurable. The joy,the happiness all were brought in one package 'sisal media'.

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