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Love And How We Define It With Our Understanding

Ever been asked what's your definition of love, how do you show love or how you know you are in love or a person is in love with you.

Well just like we are all different people in terms of our ways of life, we also have different ways to define love.

For some it's when you feel those butterflies when you see your special someone, I mean whenever there are around, you just get giddy and all excited. This is the most common definition.

But I believe love is the simple acts of kindness, when you take care of the people you care about, showing up for them in time of need, correct them when they are wrong, fighting for them and being there through thick and thin, also accepting them with all there flaws and not judging them and making them feel inferior.

Love is being a strong foundation to someone you care about, it's about being there motivation to go on everyday just like they are an inspiration to you.

Love is about respecting and wanting what is best for each other, it's conquering everything that's thrown at you together and coming up on top together.

Love is not always perfect, sometimes there are misunderstandings, fighting but how you solve this together shows how strong your love is.

Love does not keep grudges.

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