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3 questions you should never ask any lady.

Whenever you are having a conversation with any lady it is important to know your end goal of what you want to archeave at the end of your conversation. If your intention is to make her your girlfriend avoid these questions as they may turn her off immediately.

Asking a lady what she likes most about your body can be a turn off for some women. They tend to feel like you are too sexual and this might turn her off especially if you have not gotten to know each other well.

The secret to winning any girl is knowing her love language but you should never openly ask her what is your love language. Instead you should do your investigation of what she loves if it is gift or spending quality time and use it to your advantage.

" Do you see us growing old together? " if you are not sure about her stand in the relationship this is a good question to give you an idea of what she is thinking but if the relationship is just begging it is safe to avoid such because they will make you look as too pushy or demanding. Leave a comment below on your opinion like and share.

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