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Signs she likes you but tries to hide it (5)

Signs she likes you but tries to hide it (5 signs to look for).

We all know how it feels to fall in love with someone you find attractive, right? A problem comes in when you are unable to tell clearly whether she is into you or not.

That is why we thought that you need this article. It is through this article that will let you know whether she is truly into you or not.

So, whenever you feel like a girl likes you, don't think too much, just look for these signs and make your first move.

Know this, no matter how a girl is interested in you, she will never make the first move, all the time, she will be waiting for you to make the first move.

Therefore, these signs should guide you to tell whether you are allowed to make the first move or not.

1. She plays the eye contact game.

Let's say you guys are in a public place where people meet for different intentions, and she is the first person you stare at, she might play the eye contact game.

They say that eyes are the windows to your soul, when a woman keeps an eye contact, she wants you to know what the soul feels.

And therefore this is a true sign that shows, she already likes you. When you see this, remember to make your move as soon as possible.

2. She constantly compliments you.

For a girl to like you, you must have interacted with her at one point in life. The question is, what does she always say about yoy when you meet her?

A girl who likes you will always make an attempt to compliment something about you. Maybe, you wear a good shoes or a shirt, she will notice it.

The reason why she does this is because she wants you to feel appreciated for the small efforts you make about yourself.

3. She smiles at you more often.

Let's say you guys are in a conversation with her, you will catch her smiling to your words which some are not even jokes.

They say that smile is something so obvious that you can even give to strangers, right? But we are not talking about a random smile.

This smile is one of a kind which shows her true feelings to you. So when you realize that she is smiling at you more often, just know that she is waiting for you to make a move.

4. She asks about you.

Here comes the most important sign you can ever think of. See, the fact is nobody can ask for your whereabouts without being interested in you.

Especially when a girl is into you, she will try to investigate some things about you. You will find that she knows some details that you didn't tell her.

That shows that she is interested in you and what you are doing. A girl can only do this if she is interested in you.

Again, you can be amazed that she acts different when you are around but when asks about you when you are not there.

Just know that she is trying to hide it from you. The truth is, she wants you to make the first move. In that case, don't waste a single more minute.

5. She is willing to follow your instructions.

Have you ever dealt with a woman who would act difficult when you tell her to do something but later turns out doing the same thing?

Let's say you were telling her to wear a certain dress, and at that time, she acted as if she won't listen to you.

Now that she shows up, she is in the same dress you told her to put on. How do you always feel?

This simply means, she is trying to hide it though she is in love with you. When you realize this, just know that she is into you and therefore, she wants you to make the first move.

These are the five true signs that woman is interested in you but because she is shy and afraid of looking cheap, she won't say it.

In that case, it is advisable you make your first move as soon as possible because if you delay much longer, she might lose interest and you won't see her again.

So it is better you make the move when time is still there. We are wrapping the article at this point.

If you have any question, feel free to follow us for more articles and put your question down in the comments section down below. Like and share.

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