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Things You Should Avoid On Your First Date To Make Your Relationship A Success

Love is always a beautiful thing when you fall for the right person. You will always feel good when you love and be loved back. There are some mistakes people do on their first date that keep their partners away,that's why you should be very careful on what to do when you meet your partner for the first time.

Today I will share with you some of the things you should not do on your first date to keep your loving partner.

1.Ladies,do not ask for money on your first date.

This is a great mistake you should avoid. This will push him away because he will think you only need his money. Just pretend to be classy even if you aren't.

2.Don't talk too much.

Just make sure that you only speak when he speaks. Dont let him read your mind using your conversation. Men are very wise when it comes to reading a lady's mind.

3.Don't order expensive meal when in a restaurant on your first date.

Don't do this because you dont know if he can afford, the best thing is carry some money with you so that you can even surprise him by paying the bill.

4.Don't give in so easily.

When he asks you to go to bed on your first date,don't agree so first instead be a hard core. He will always respect you.

Always do the above things and your relationship will be a success. He stick by your side. Please share your comment.

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