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Five types of ladies you should never let go.

If you have a lady with any of these characters as a girlfriend or a wife, then you should never let her go because you might not find another lady like her;

1. A lady who understands you

It is difficult to find a lady who understands nowadays especially a lady who understands your financial status. If you find a lady who understands you then you should count yourself a lucky one and hold her firmly.

2. A lady who opens up about her past

Many ladies like to conceal their past especially if they have a dirty past, some of them will lie to you about their real age, the number of children they have, and their level of education. If you find a lady who is honest with you, you should consider that as a blessing.

3. A lady who assists you

On rare occasions will you find a lady assisting her boyfriend or husband with the bills and other financial needs if your girlfriend/wife helps you with the bills then you should thank her and treat her with the dignity she deserves because if you lose her, you might regret.

4. a submissive lady

Finding a submissive lady nowadays is very difficult, most ladies feel entitled because they assist in bills or because they are learned, if you are lucky to find a lady who is humble even though she is learned, employed, and assisting with the bills then you should appreciate her and never let her go.

5. An honest lady

Honestly is a virtue lacked by many today, not only ladies but also men nowadays lack honesty, for a relationship to thrive, honesty must be part of It. If you have an honest lady as a girlfriend or as a wife then you should never let her go because you might never find an honest lady again.

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