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Five Unknown Facts About Women That They Themselves Are Not Even Aware of

All women in this world were beautifully and wonderfully made a fact that we can all agree to. However, there are some things about them that are very controversial and they themselves might not be aware of. Through this article, I have complied a list of them and they are as follows.

1. They are excellent at recalling what should be done, not what has been done.

Never make a mistake of promising a woman to do something for her if you know you cannot fulfil your promise. There's a scientific explanation behind it and it is that she doesn't forget. Her mind is set in such a way that despite all the basic work and household chores she does, she stores a lot of information in her mind and she won't forget. It's one of the main reasons why most men complain, "I have done so much for her but she won't even see."

2. They are good at distinguishing good verses bad hygiene.

If you have a bad hygiene, be sure that she can always detect it within seconds. Additionally, she can easily tell the pheromones of a man even from within a crowd. Has it ever occurred to you why they are always fond of wearing their partner's T-shirts while he is away? The reason is, they want to feel closer to him.

3. They take time to fall in love compared to men.

Men are easily moved by what they see and that's why they fall in love faster than women. However, some research has determined that most women can go up to the 20th date without quite feeling the butterflies for the man. Its no wonder they are so selective.

4. When a woman has a higher IQ, she has fewer children.

Has it ever occurred to you why men prefer to marry women with more traditional values? The reason is because an intelligent woman has a lower desire to have children compared to the less intelligent. This is because women with high IQ (intelligence quotient) prioritize on things like self-education, self-development, career, travel e.t.c.

5. The more children a woman has, the faster she ages.

This should not discourage you as a woman from having children. But it has been found that women who give birth to many children have parts of chromosomes responsible for DNA protection reduced and so they age faster.

Thank you for finding time to go through this article. I hope that it was informative. Remember to share your thoughts on the comments and I really appreciate for promoting my work as a writer. Be blessed.

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