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Signs That Your Female Bestie Wants More Than Just A Friendship.

The start of relationships begins with a gesture which invites one to make the first move and request a girl to accept it. Some of these affairs result from friendships which are later upgraded to romantic levels.

When your female bestie is interested in having more than just friendship, she speaks it through gestures. At some point you may not understand the meaning of such signals until you decide to be keen on her moves. 

Once you notice the following indicators in her behaviors, don't hesitate to gain enough courage and approach her. 

1. Always adjusting herself to look more pleasant. 

It's a usual character in ladies that makes them want to look more beautiful around people they love. This girl tries her best to fix her dressing code not just beautiful but more sexy. She wears tight dresses which reveal her shape, puts on some make up and fashionable designs. This is a way of trapping you to fall for her new looks. 

2. Wishes to spend time with you together alone. 

There are things you can't do in public, one of them being intimacy. Thus if she's interested she'll be craving for hugs, kisses and cuddles. It is sweet when you're not being interrupted by anyone. Whenever she requests for such events, she's up for to something romantic. Thus it's important to respond positively to her wish. 

3. Gives more chances for outings. 

Outings are meant for happiness, have fun, bonding and having inseparable attachments. It's rare to find a girl who spares time to go out with a guy. She does this if only she loves you and values your presence. It means you can have more closeness and see each other frequently. During such moments there's a free opportunity to open up feelings and experiences. 

Always remember to give respect to the lady who shows the caring spirit, finds it comfortable to be with you and does everything possible to maintain that bond. Imagine this is an added advantage since you'll not struggle crushing on a lady who doesn't even care about your proposals. 

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