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Divorce Affair

Never Ever Give Up, A Couple Who Divorced For 10 Years, Gets Married Again In A Grand Wedding

photo of their wedding in 1996

Divorce is something that alot of married couples never wishes to get themselves though. It is a state where the two married people part ways meaning they are no longer staying together again.

However, Babasola Kuti Jr going by his twitter name has proven to the world that divorce can still create space for new and stronger love like never before between the divorcee.Photo of their recent wedding in 2021 Courtesy/Twitter

Babasola took to his Twitter handled to share the unbelievable or rather the unimaginable. He shared video of his second wedding with his beloved wife in 2021 and captioned,The before and after photo Courtesy/Twitter

"Impossible is Nothing! After more than 10 years of separation and even a divorce, against all odds we found ourselves together again. Happy and in love. This journey started over 30 years ago. Never ever give up", read the happily married man's post.

The happily married man again shared photos of they took in 1996 during their first wedding before they later separated 10 years ago. On the other side was a picture of their recent wedding ceremony which they still looked so younger than the 10 years itself.

He has received congratulatory messages from Twitter's users who wished them all the best as they start a new journey of marriage. We wish him and his lovely wife all the best too

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Babasola Babasola Kuti Jr Grand


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