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5 Surprising Habits That Make You More Attractive

Many times, we tend to believe that attraction is build based on physical attribute, which isn't always the case. Attraction is much deeper that just physical characteristics. These habits can play a part in determining who you really are.

1. You are curious about everything.

You enjoy learning about how things work and often ask yourself why people behave the way they do. You are a person who's willing to learn how things work. This shows others that you are open to new opportunities and experiences.

2. You make time for yourself.

You dedicate time to pursue things that you enjoy and make you happy. This helps you grow your goals, passion and dreams that are separate from others. It also shows that you are aware of your own abilities and not dependent on others.

3. Open body language.

Direct eye conduct and the ability to engange and connect with others helps you increase attractiveness.

4. You connect deeply with people.

According to power positivity, we are attracted to people similar to us. The more you connect with others,the more likeable you become.

5. You exercise and have a healthy body.

Both men and women tend to look out for healthy partners. This is because a health person will bring better chances of success and bring up healthy children.

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