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4 signs your partner is sleeping with another person

1.It's worth considering that if someone suddenly loses interest in forming a close relationship with you, their requirements are being met by someone else.

2. They dislike being around you.

When someone is more interested in someone else, your presence loses its allure. For example, they will be less interested in conversing with you than they were previously.

So, what has changed in your partner's behavior in your presence that leads you to believe he or she is trying to deceive you? Being in the presence of others can be more stimulating if his lack of interest is not limited to the bedroom.

3. There is a communication gap.

If your sweetheart is preoccupied with someone else, he or she won't have as much time for you. It's probable that it will take some time for them to answer.

However, be wary of this warning, as it could indicate a variety of things other than cheating. Perhaps they are too preoccupied with their new work to notice their phones.

If nothing similar has happened in the past and the person has always given you their whole attention, something is wrong.

4. A tendency to be late.

Unfaithful partners are people who are always late and make excuses. Working late on occasion is understandable, but if it becomes the habit, it could be the fault of a new personal partner.

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