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Husband and wife relationship

5 Important features of a healthy relationship.

1.Having Trust to each other.Healthy relationships should have mutual trust between partners ,cheating on your partner or doing something that will make him or her feel that you are unfaithful is not right.Normally,respect,affection strengthens trust in a relationship.

2.Supporting one another. In order to have healthy relationship partners should be supportive to one another in matters concerning psychological needs and even financial needs.Love and affection gradually grows when partners support each in all dimensions hence making the relationship healthy.

3.Respect of partners to each other.For a relationship to thrive longer and become healthy,partners should have great respect to each other.Mutual respect in a relationship also helps in building a strong family.

4.Good communication between partners.For a relationship also to thrive and to become healthy ,good communication is necessary,use of polite language when addressing your partner is important,moreover ,women should be submissive to their husbands ,this becomes healthy and there will be no family violence.

5.Boundaries between partners.Personal boundaries in a relationship should be respected ,such boundaries can include hanging out 4 times a week and should be understood and respected by another partner.In doing this,there is comfortability in a relationship making it healthy.

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