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'Where Most Men Go Wrong In Day One' - Questions You Should Never Ask A Girl You're Interested In

When it comes to the woman they love, some men make careless mistakes. You don't have to ask some questions about the woman you're pining for or interested in. So it's best if you're in good hands, because you won't say anything that will irritate or make your crush or the woman you're interested in hate you.

A bad question can cause a woman who cares about you to back down or abandon her emotions for you. As a male, you must be careful about the words you use, especially when speaking to a woman you like.

Here are the questions you should avoid asking a woman you're interested in. 

1. There's no need to ask her if you have a boyfriend; just stay cool and be nice. She will open up to you if she has a lover. So, if you have feelings for a lady, never ask her if she has a boyfriend the first time you meet her.

Because you have feelings for her, not the other way around, and it's too early on a first date to pose such a question.

2. What is your age? On a first date, never inquire about a woman's age. Many women do not feel at ease in such situations. When the connection or friendship progresses, she will reveal her age to you over time, but never compel a lady to reveal her age to you on your first chat with her.

3. Inquiring as to whether you should contact her. It appears to be childish. You have her phone number, so you will be able to contact her if you are separated from her.

So it doesn't make sense to ask for her permission before calling her after getting her phone number. Put her on hold when you know she'll be less busy, and make sure you have a smooth and amusing discussion. On the phone, try to make her chuckle.


 4. There's no need to inquire about her previous relationship. You should be more worried about yourself than about her ex-boyfriend. She will eventually come clean about her previous connection with you.

5. Questioning her chastity. It may appear amusing, but many men make this error, and it is not amusing. It can be a turn-off for certain women. How would you feel if a woman asked if you were a virgin or not? It's best to avoid such a question or conversation.


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