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10 Signs That Will Tell If She Really Loves You

Ladies are funny at times particularly when they are in love with an individual . A lady will do everything possible to get your attention and make you fall in love. According to variuos related coaches worldwide , these are some of the signs a lady will show once she is in love with you;

1.She makes efforts to look good for you

Ladies love fashion and can do everything to get your attention. When a lady is in love she will dress according to your taste for example if you love tight skirts , she will always put them on when she is with you. She will also go for your favourite hairstyle at such times just to win your heart.

2. She seeks your counsel and valuable advice at all times

In order to win your heart a lady will always try everything to bring you closer . She will always ask for your opinion before doing certain things . She will value and love your advice and she will try not to go against them.

3. She always plans to spend time with you

A lady who has fallen for you will always ask for time with her together. She may take you out just to get your attention. She can watch with you several movies and walks with you together.

4. She shies when she is with you

A lady that has fallen in love with you will always feel shy when your are together and try to avoid even eye contacts . The lady at time will act like a child and blush a lot

5. She loves being your best buddy

The lady will always be there for you giving you a shoulder to lean on . She will try to share everything with you including her secrets and also she will apologize even if she has not wronged you. She will always be by your side.

6. Breaks the ice first

She will always initiate conversations by herself by at times abruptly calling or texting you just to get how you are doing.

7. She never asks you to change

The lady will accept you the way you are and ask you not to change anything about yourself. She will accept that you are not her and she will be there for you irrespective of your status. She also never judge you.

8. Your likes and dislikes become hers too

The lady will begin to adopt several things you do. If you love music she will also begin loving it , she will also accompany you to watch your favorite game , movies . She will also begin to love your favorite food.

9. She is jealous

She will hate you talking to other ladies , appreciating and even discussing about them . She will always want to hear much about only her and not the others.

10. Hangs out with you

She will always be there to go out with you holding your hands as you walk in the streets . She will also be there to give you the best company at all costs .

There you are now with the signs that the lady has fallen in love with you and when you see these signs do not ignore them but instead act by loving back.

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