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Only Things Woman Do When She Loves You Truely

There are only things that woman do when she loves you truely.Here are only things woman do when she loves you truely.

1.She wants to know everything about you.It is true that a woman who loves you want to know about you even small details.She want to know about your plans and secrets.She also wants to know what you do on daily basis.

2.She encourages and supports you in reaching your dreams.When she loves you truely, she encourages you to work hard and she gives you support on your work.She provided financial support to aid in your work incase it is needed.

3.She stays with you in your hard time.When you have problem or when you are sick, she is late to help you.

4.She makes you smile when you are not happy.She tries to make you happy when you are not in good mood.

5.She accepts you as you are and what you have.She does not compare you with other men She accept what you have and as you are.

6.She is vulnerable with you.It is true that when she loves you she is vulnerable with you.

7.She does not take you for granted.She will take you with seriousness and not for a joke.

8.She trusts you.She is faithful with you and trust that what you are doing is right.

9.She become your best friend and advisor.When she loves you, she makes sure that she is your best friend and give a lot of advise.

10.She shows you are her priority.When she loves you, she shows you are her priority.

11.She sacrifices for you.She leaves her friends and family because of you.

12.She does not tolerate the bad things you do.She corrects you when you have gone wrong.

13.She is afraid of losing caring about someone means you do not want to lose him or her.A woman who is in love with you fears losing you.

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