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5 Red Flags To Watch Out For During Dating

We are living at a time that relationships and marriages are becoming complex,many cases of infidelity, domestic violence and even killing. Just like how we train to learn new skills such as swimming or driving,we need to acquire more knowledge on dating as well for this will determine our entire future life,the goal is to find the best match for you that you will do life with. Dating right will avoid some of the major problems that existed even before the union,marriages don't change people it exposes them. Below are some redflags to watch out for.

1. Abuse of alcohol and drugs

You cannot change a person from an addiction that they are not willing to help themselves come out. When you notice this walk away you cannot rehabilitate an adult. This kind of addiction does not allow a person to have a stable life they will take all their finances to get more drugs and they cannot sustain a job nor a healthy relationship.

2. Persistent jealousy and controlling

Well,being jealous is normal in a relationship, it shows you are afraid to lose your partner, but being so overprotective that you have to follow your partner everwhere,you need to know who called or sent a message, they cannot meet friends or live a life separate from yours,this is not healthy,keep off from such a person and let them deal with their insecurities on their own.

3. History of cheating

As you get to know a person,at some point they may share why they broke up with their ex,mostly no one admits their fault,blame is on the other person whom you don't know their side of the story. If they have a history of cheating be careful some habits don't just vanish if not seriously addressed you may be just be the next victim.

4. Crazy ex

Some of the people we meet have dramatic pasts,this might attract drama in your relationship. Some of them still are in touch with the ex,they still entertain them or probably have unresolved issues,if you experience this walk out. You need a relationship that allows you to sleep peacefully at night.

5. Dishonesty

This means withholding important information about them. Some may not disclose they have kids at home others will hide they have a baby mama somewhere. If you find out some of important information on your own then that's dishonesty you will begin to doubt every single thing about them. Save yourself trouble and move on.

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