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Opinion: What Is the Right Age for Marriage?

Marriage is always a union that is always cherished by people of all walks of life at a certain stage of their lifetime. But what is the right time for marriage? This question always mind boggles especially to the young people aspiring to be in a marriage union. Nonetheless, choosing to be involved in a matrimony is always influenced with factors as; religious, social, societal demands and economic orientations of an individual. In general, different cultures embraced marriage for instance, the traditional african and the western european cultures.

But before one committs to marriage, different factors come into play like age of the concerned parties. But apart from age one should also consider the following questions before moving into marriage.

Do you have financial stability?

Financial stability comes into play within any marriage union since it's one of the backbones of any stable union. Partners should always be in acceptance with their each other's financial capability. Not being at peace with your partner's level of finance will be a recipe for chaos and finally devorce. In essence, you can't look up to your parents to always beshield you and your family from the harsh financial times.

Are you in a position to handle your partners shortcomings?

None of us is perfect as we come with our fair share of strengths and weaknesses. Good is beautiful and sweet but as we cherish goodness, we should equally be ready to bear with the bad sides of our partners. From a shallow perspective, you might think you're in a position to handle your partner's shortcomings but actually, that's the reason why a marriage falls. Be sure you can keep up with their shortcomings.

Are you ready to solve your differences by arbitration?

Compromise is a tenet that should be championed by the two partners for a marriage union to work out. Infact, it should come out naturally. Though, you shouldn't compromise to put up with your partner. You should do it only if it genuinely makes you happy.

Are both of you emotionally mature?

During your teenage years, you might had a lot to deal with like dating errands, hanging out with friends, college assignments etc. Now, when moving into a marriage union, you'll have to deal with twice as much because you'll have your partner with you who has a fair share of problems too. The big question is are you emotionally ready for that?

What is the best age for marriage?

Take your time and ask yourself this question truthfully. Forget about the age that the society considers average. Also avoid peer pressure from friends who are settling together. Lastly, ask yourselves whether you're ready to settle down together as a couple.

This question seems simple from a superficial point of view but if you don't give it the seriousness it requires, you might come back to read this article few months later. Good luck!

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