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Husband and wife relationship

Why You Should Marry at an Early Age

Marriage is a sacred thing which needs full preparation before engaging to it. Marriage adds responsibilities to one's life because it transforms man to father and lady to a mother. In a marriage woman will always remain submissive to his husband. The husband will till and toil to satisfy and protect his wife. He will always remain the head of the family no matter his status. In the current world, marriage has been a kind of competition where each couple want to copy celebrities marriages. This is where most people are going wrong because we all have different standard of living. Marriage should be planned and if possible, one is advised to marry at tender age because of following reasons;

Early marriage is between an age bracket of 22 to 28 years. Getting married at this age ensures a better chance of having a healthy baby. Late marriage can lead to complicated pregnancies or even miscarriages in some cases. Marrying at 20s gives you enough time to hustle together and accumulate wealth when you are energetic enough to do so. The couples is also able to bear and raise the children during first years of marriage giving able time to enjoy the marriage after retirement.Thanks for reading this article.

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