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If She Says NO To You, Use This Method To Win Her

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I have heard many men saying that they don't understand women at all. The truth is that women are less complicated than they seem to be. There can be scenarios whereby there is a girl you want but she keeps saying NO to your advances or request for dates. Today, I am going to reveal to you a simple method you can win her back.

First you have to understand that women have different reasons for saying NO to you. She might be playing 'hard to get' with you or she might be uninterested in relationship or simply she has another boyfriend. I would first advice you to find out the underlying reason for her refusal. Then after that you can try these tips I am going to give you.

If you find that she is playing 'hard to get' style with you, know that she simply loves you and wants to know how much you love her. She is trying to test how best you can try to be with her. Women can be very patient when it comes to relationship and can wait for years. If she tries this trick with you, there is a simple answer: Stop Chasing Her. Try to divert your attention to other girls and you will be surprised at how she will come running back to you.

There is also some calibre of women who for one reason or another are totally uninterested in relationships. Their reasons may range from childhood trauma or past toxic relationship with men. You may hear them saying "All men are the same." Simply ignore these type of women. Even if you manage to convince her to stay in a relationship with you, she will find a way out at the first opportunity she gets.

Then lastly, there are those who have another boyfriends. Do not make yourself appear desperate by always pestering her to leave her boyfriend for you. Even if she leaves him, know that tomorrow somebody else will convince her to leave you for him! Also ignore these type of women and move on even if you 'love her deeply from the bottom of your heart.' Find another girl. As the old saying goes, there are many fish in the ocean. Please share.

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